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How to Report a Request

To Access the Request Tracker page move your mouse to “I Want To…” Menu in the top of the page then Click on Make a Request, or click here.

Request Tracker Page

Click on General Request to report your request.

General Request Page

Enter your email address and your password then click Login if you already have an account on the Town of Taber website. If you are a new user, enter your email address and a password (5 characters at least) then click New User.

Login Page

Complete the rest of your information, be aware the fields with * are mandatory (Email Address, Password and Confirm Password) these are already filled, (First Name, Last Name and Preferred Contact Method). The more information you complete, the easier for the Town of Taber to contact you. Then click Submit and your account will be completed.

Account Information

The General Request page is where you tell the Town of Taber about your concern. Fill up the information required, be aware all the fields with * are mandatory.

Brief Description: Tell the Town of Taber about your concern or request.

Problem Location:

Street Number: The street number where the issue is.

Street Name: The street name where the issue is.

Address Line 2: More address information if there is any.

City: Enter the city “Taber”.

State: Enter the province “Alberta”.

Zip Code: Enter the postal code of the place where the issue is.

Photograph: Use the browse to upload a picture that might help with the case.

Your Information (usually prefilled if you entered it when you created your account):

Name: Enter your name.

Street Number: Enter your street number.

Street Name: Enter your street name.

Address Line 2: More address information if you have any.

City: Enter your city “Taber”.

Province: Enter your province “Alberta”.

Postal Code: Enter your postal code.

Phone Number: Enter your phone number if you have any.

Fax Number: Enter your fax number if you have any.

Email Address: Enter your email address.

Preferred Contact Method: Select the best method the Town of Taber can get a hold of you (Email or Phone) or Select Do Not Contact me if you don’t want to be contacted. If you chose email, an automatic email will be sent to you every time the Town of Taber updates your request.

General Request Page

Click on View Existing Requests to review all your requests that are being processed and see the Town of Taber's last updates.

Viewe Existing Requests

In addition, you can also access the Request Tracker by downloading our free IPhone App or Facebook App, click on Apps Download Link in the bottom of the page.

Apps Download

Through your IPhone click on the Link Download Now under the Citizen Request Tracker iPhone App and it will take you the App Store so you can install it on your IPhone.

Click on Download Now under Citizen Request Tracker Facebook App to get the Facebook App, it will send you to the app page on Facebook site.

Download Apps Page