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Project Progress

Check back often to this page to see details of what work has already been completed, and what construction is currently ongoing in the different phases for the Taber Trout Pond and West Trail Extension. The Town will update this page with the latest information as it comes available.

Currently Ongoing

  • The layout of the pathway has been created, next will be the addition of gravel and then paving.
  • Stairs are being developed for access of the path down the coulee.
  • Our contractor is anxiously waiting for the area to dry up a bit in order to pave the pathways.

Already Completed

Below you can find details on the work that has already been completed on this project:

  • Pond has been refilled with water.
  • The culvert on the west end has been replaced.
  • Filter screen has been constructed and attached on the west end overflow of the pond
  • Alberta Conservation has been on site and has approved all filter screens as well as collecting data regarding water temperatures and dissolved oxygen.


Prefer to See Progress in Pictures?

A picture says a thousand words, so if you would prefer to watch this project progress in picture format, click this link where you will find a gallery of work being completed!