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The Planning & Economic Development staff have started a new news letter that will be sent out via email on the 1st of every month. After the email, each news letter will be published below for viewing.

Taber Times Ads 
The Planning & Economic Development staff publish articles in the Taber Times under the Town section regarding discretionary development, subdivisions, road closures, land sales, etc.  Currently the ads are published in the paper, and people within 100m2 of the development area are notified via a letter in the mail.  Administration would like to make the ads easier to find by adding it to our Town of Taber website. Below are the published Taber Times ads:

Building Permit Statistics

The Planning & Economic Development staff compile a building permit statistics report each month. 

Food Trucks
It is important from the perspective of the Town of Taber to support both the Food Truck industry and the traditional restaurant industry by providing rules and regulations that provide balance. This is becoming increasingly more important as food trucks have become a popular way to provide and procure food service for residents of a community in a different format than the traditional restaurant. 

The Town has compiled Food Truck rules and regulations from other municipalities around Alberta into a Food Truck Report.   This report will help administration evaluate current and proposed rules and regulations for the Town of Taber.

A survey on the current and proposed regulations was circulated with anyone willing to participate to help administration finalize their proposal to Council.  The survey was open from July 4th to July 10th and received a total of 284 participants. You can read the detailed comments in the link below:

 -   Food Truck Survey detailed results.

An open house regarding food trucks was held at the Taber Civic Centre in the "Green Room" on July 12th at 4pm - 6:30pm. A total on 10 people showed up with questions regarding the proposed recommendations to Council.  You can read the detailed comments in the link below:

- Food Truck Open House Comments