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Taber Courthouse
Taber Historic Courthouse

The Beginning of a Courthouse
In 1917, the Town of Taber donated land so that the Government of Alberta could construct a courthouse for the recently-established sub-judicial district of Lethbridge in Taber. 

The original plans for the courthouse were drawn in 1917 by Assistant Provincial Architect J.B. Allan in 1917. However, those plans were revised by Provincial Architect Richard P. Blakey. Finally in 1918, the Hotson and Depew firm from Medicine Hat completed the construction of the building. Taber's courthouse has the distinction of being the first of a number of courthouse that were constructed by the province for its newly created sub-jurisdictions. 

Taber Courthouse

Design & Utility
The Taber Courthouse has seen a number of uses over its lifetime. Besides its initial purpose as a courthouse, the building has also been home to a number of other groups and uses. During its lifetime, the Courthouse has been home to community groups, District Court, provincial departments, as well as the school district. 

The Town of Taber used the Courthouse as the town hall starting in 1953. 

Town of Taber Office in 1955
The Courthouse was used as the Town Office as seen here in 1955.

Historic Significance
The first of its kind to be built in this style, the Taber Courthouse would lead the way for similar styles to be built in Blairmore, Grande Prairie and Hanna in the 1920's. 

The Courthouse was used until August of 1978, when the courts moved into their current facility in Taber.

On January 13th, 2013, the Taber Courthouse was designated a Provincially Historic place of significance. According to the Alberta Register of Historic Places, the "heritage value of the Taber Courthouse lies in its association with the administration of justice in early Alberta. It is also significant as an architectural prototype for Alberta courthouses designed prior to World War Two." 

Courthouse Historic Designation w Minister Klimchuk and Various MLAs, Council and Staff 2013.JPG
Courthouse Historic Designation with Minister Klimchuk and Various MLAs, Council and Staff

The above information was sourced from the Heritage Resources Management Information System. To learn more about the Taber Courthouse, or to find more information on Canada's Historic Places, follow this link.