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Waste Collection & Disposal
Municipal Solid Waste Initiative
The Town of Taber has implemented a brand-new Municipal Solid Waste Initiative for its residents. This page contains all of the information on this project. If you can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 403-223-6018

Frequently Asked Questions

To view some answers to frequently asked questions about this project, click here to be redirected to our FAQ page.

Collection Dates for Residential Properties
To see the new Taber Residential Solid Waste Collection Maps, choose the link in the left menu bar, or click here!

Commercial and industrial properties will continue to have their garbage picked up on the same days they were previously.

Rolling Carts Lifted 2016.jpg
Our new equipment will make waste collection more efficient!

3 Types of Rolling Carts
Each rolling cart is colour-coordinated according to the type of waste that goes in it. To see a quick and handy guide for what goes in each bin, click the links on the left of this page. For mobile users, please click here for a mobile-friendly guide!

Front Curb or Alley?
Whichever system you used previously, that's the same system you will use with the new carts! Thus, if you put your garbage in the alley before, put your new carts in the alley for pickup. Front-curb users before will continue to put their carts on the front curb!

Instructions for Collection Days

For alley collection instructions, click this link.

For front-curb collection instructions, follow this link.