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Garbage and Recycling Initiative

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1. Why is the Town replacing garbage bins with rolling carts?
2. How many carts will I receive?
3. Do I put my carts in the alley or on the front curb?
4. Do I have to bag the waste in the carts?
5. What is my collection day?
6. Where do I place the carts for collection?
7. I live in an apartment. How am I affected?
8. I have a business/commercial property. How am I affected?
9. What time of day do the carts have to be out for collection?
10. What happens when it snows?
11. Will the Town still be offering the Tree Trimming Program?
12. What is the Coupon Voucher System I've been hearing about?
13. What if I can't fit all of my waste in the carts?
14. I'm moving. What do I do with my carts?
15. What if my carts are stolen/go missing?
16. Will my carts blow over in the wind?
17. Will the carts begin to smell?