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Fire Safety FAQs

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1. How long are smoke alarms good for?
2. Does my smoke alarm require any maintenance?
3. Where should I install my smoke alarm?
4. Does it matter what type of smoke alarm I get?
5. What is carbon monoxide (CO)?
6. Where does carbon monoxide come from?
7. What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?
8. How can I avoid carbon monoxide poisoning?
9. Is it better to install my carbon monoxide alarm near the floor or on the ceiling?
10. How long is a carbon monoxide alarm good for?
11. What do the A, B, and C mean on a fire extinguisher?
12. What type of fire extinguisher should I get for my home?
13. How do I care for my fire extinguisher?
14. What do I do if I have a cooking fire?
15. Do I need to get a fire permit to burn?
16. I live in Town and would like a backyard fire pit. What do I do?
17. How do I buy/sell/set off fireworks?
18. Does Taber do regular fire inspections of all places?