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Application for Residential Development

  1. If different from applicant

  2. Check all that apply

  3. Feet or Meters

  4. Feet or Meters

  5. Feet2 or Meters2

  6. Please indicate all setbacks on attached site plan.

  7. Lot dimensions, lot area, proposed building location (and set backs from property lines), Existing building location (and set backs from property lines), easements, indicate roads & lane placement in accordance with the property.

  8. Birds eye view of floors, fully dimensioned, all rooms and spaces must be labeled, location of stairs, doors and windows.

  9. Indicate where vehicles will access the building & how many parking stalls will be available on and off the street.

  10. All four sides of the proposed building- height, roof pitch, location of windows and doors to be indicated

  11. Birds-eye view of foundation with thickness, steps, openings etc.

  12. Attach any other information we may need for your build

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